Here is a subset of the posts on my blog, excluding those for classes or projects (which would be on the Projects page).

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Styling for Print & Accessible Code

Coding my blog to be printable and have accessible syntax highlighting.


This summer I converted my blog to use Hugo, a static site generator, and GitLab Pages for a simple, lightning-fast, and secure writing experience.

Bundling JS with Webpack & Babel

Retroactively adding Webpack & Babel to a Node.js project.

CI/CD with GitLab

Setting up a staging environment, automated testing (inc. security & compliance tests), and automated deployment.

Secure cookies behind multiple proxies

What I learned while implementing Secure cookies on a project.

Asking to use FOSS or an Open Standard

This article hopes to pass along personal experience I've had with asking to use non-“normal” software/formats.

FOSSing Gmail

Gmail's AI isn't very accessible in a FOSS-friendly way... but with a little effort, we can make it work.